Second Chances Updates

Hello lovelies,

sooo....I'm done with Second Chances, but I also realized that the sequel to The Golden Haert is even more least the first 150 pages on my computer. On top of family matters and my job- which drives me crazy- some parts of Second Chances were so painful to write...I just don't know if I can do this to you. I will go back to the manuscript and try to lighten the mood.

I knew from the start that Second Chances would be a dark book. It deals with both Kellan's and Harok's past, after all.

It pains me to hear that people find Kellan whiny and think he should suck it up or that he's unrealistic.

Let me say this (small rant coming):

Some stories might have very complex characters that might seem contradicting at first.

I am 5''2 but I was still one of the best in our historical fencing sports club. That was until I had an accident during show fights. I no longer fence, so I decided to let Kellan continue my dream of my favorite sports.

"He can't be a pushover and a skilled swords fighter at the same time."

I say yes, he can. Some people are secretive and think too bad of themselves. They try to be perfect and satisfy the people whose approval they seek. Kellan could have stood up for himself or told hs family but he was actually ashamed of his skill with the sword. His alias Silver Wind was created after he could no longer in good conscience do what Sky tasked him to do. The Silver Wind became the alter ego that had to bear all his pride and shame. That person becam someone detached from Kellan, the ambassador. But of course, after a while those seperate figures started blurring. That's what we will witness during Second Chances; what we've already started to witness in The Golden Heart.

So, you see why this book will be dark, especially since Voxus holds his darkest memories. On top of it all, I've also decided to include Harok's story. I want to see him heal. I want to see him be happy again. You haven't seen much of him, but since the are my characters, I know their whole life, all their pain and happiness.

Maybe I get to invested in my own stories, but that's me. I can't help it. A friend once told me I'm a very emotional and empathetic person. I think she is right.

So I apologize again for taking my sweet time (That's how it must seem to you guys) but I had to go cry in a corner and be depressed for the characters I've created.

Jess is such a mess, I know *laughs*😅

Have a great day!


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