Glory District:

The Glory district is only available to the contestants and their entourage. The contestants' houses and bathhouses are located around the Val'nox Circle.

Craftsmen District:

The Craftsmen District is made of weaponries, manufacturers, armories and smithies.


Lantern District:

The Lantern District is made of residential houses, Inns, Barber shops, hairdressers, tailor shops, other small shops ( books, herbs...) and physicians.

From the Champions' Square down to the Market Place leads the Golden Road. Along the Golden Road are bars, taverns, restaurants and pubs.



Hidden behind illusionary walls near the docks of the Lantern District is the Throat-Cutter-Alley where the Black Market sells its goods and services. One can find mercenaries, throat-cutters and other shady fellows who will do anything for coin. It is rumored that there is also the secret entrance to the long forgotten catacombs of Eclipse City.



Warehouse District:

various kinds of warehouses (herbs, food, crafting materials)


Vice District:

The Vice District is, as the name already tells, a place of sin. There are two big “Bathhouses” that provide the same services as a pleasure house. The inns, bars and clubs belong to certain gangs or other powerful criminals. The Vice District is infested with brothels, drug dens and gambling halls that all belong to the gangs and criminals.