Alliance Glossary

Star-Lion-Alliance- a group of planets who have allied themselves, led by the President of New Earth (President is an inherited title passed on to the first son of the old Harrison Family; they have the Lion as their family-crest). Consists of New Earth, Xilitar, Edea, Ci’phor and other smaller planets


Silver-Scale-Alliance- opponents of the Star-Lion-Alliance, led by Phy’vohran; consists of Phy’vohran, Cjon’vaii, Yaldia and other smaller planets.


New Earth- planet of mainly splices, hybrids, but also humans; splices found the planet after the Splice-Rebellion that demanded equal human rights for splices. Splices are humans with animal DNA.


Old Earth- old planet of the humans; the planet has financial problems after catastrophes and how they’ve treated the planet regarding resources and pollution.


Phy’vohran- a planet eight times the size of New Earth. It has six inhabitable moons after which their seasons are named. It is a planet inhabited by lizard-like creatures and people. Phy’vohranians are over seven feet tall people partially with scales, claws and canines. They can armor their body with lizard-skin and scales. Their genders are divided into male, female and kmer. Kmer are males with the ability of conceiving a child. Other creatures living there are wyverns and cockatrices. They are the major players in the Silver-Scale-Alliance.


Cjon’vaii- ocean planet inhabited by blue-skinned sea people with big balloon-like heads. Allies of the Silver-Scale-Alliance


Quara- a small planet near Cjon’vaii; has rain-forests and swaps, inhabited by salamanders, frog-like creatures and other swamp aliens. No races with high intelligence.


Yaldia- white desert planet with a big ocean; it has pyramids and underwater cities; inhabited by insect-like people. Allies of the Silver-Scale-Alliance.


Xilitar- planet with high medical knowledge; inhabited by blue-jelly-skinned people with long limbs but roundish torso. Allies of the Star-Lion-Alliance.


Voxus- scholar planet, crowded with colleges and universities. Intergalactic planet where ambassadors  of peace are trained. It hosts the yearly traditional Tournament of Hologramms.


Ci’phor- planet of researchers and scientists; inhabited by furry humanoids with eight arms; develops energy shields and weapons. Allies of the Star-Lion-Alliance


EVE-2- human colony planet


EVE-4- the planet of illusions and hologramms; in the possession of the Hawk Family; inheritance from Calla Hawk to her son Kellan Harrison; does research on technology, gene-modification and builds weapons for HAWK- weapon manufactory.


Edea- a planet inhabited by bird-like humanoids. They are very tall and violent.


Orsaint- former human colony planet of France; has gained independence due to its wealth and has now an emperor; lives after the French period of the Absolutism.


HAWK- main weapon manufacturer of Earth and known throughout space; founded by the Hawk Family who owns four planets.


Mother Cosmos- goddess of the Phy’vohranian pantheon; the one who has built the universe.


Queen of Stars- Daughter of the Cosmos; has fallen in love with a mortal and upon his death has created the stars to shine upon him; belongs to the Phy’vohranian pantheon. Brides or Kmer-brides dress up to resemble her on their wedding.


Starlight-Knight- mortal lover of the Queen of Stars; belongs to the Phy’vohranian pantheon. Bridegrooms dress up to resemble him on their wedding.


Sons of Sue’tyrn- pirates from Sue’tyrn. Sue’tyrn was destroyed by war and catastrophes. Its people are now travelling universe as pirates. They are currently led by their late king’s mate, a human. Sue’tyrnians look like earthean dinosaurs, walking on digitigrades with three-clawed feet and a lizard’s tail; four fingers and dinosaur-head with horns.


Nuxar- Capital City of Phy’vohran


Phoxor- modernized second main city of Phy’vohran


Nexvrin- family name of the Phy’vohranian rulers.


Halor- Capital City of EVE-4





Phy’vohran counts its years by the reign of a noble family. Currently it is Year 14 356 of the Nexvrin Dynasty.


New Earth counts its years by the time since the start of the Splice-Rebellion. It is currently 3516 after the Rebellion.


Phy’vohranian Months:

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Red

  • Black

  • Grey

  • White



Cycle- 14 lunar cycles make a cycle on Phy’vohran, which is comparable to a year on Earth, though it has roughly a month less than a year.


Lunar Cycle- 20 days that have 28 hours, comparable to a month, the last three months have 22 days.