The Golden Heart

Alliance Book One

Kellan Harrison is the son of Earth’s president and a successful ambassador. He is just not so diplomatic when it comes to the Phy’vohranians- lizard-like humanoids which had been at war with the humans for over one hundred years now.

The upcoming signing of a peace treaty makes him reluctantly agreeing to accompany four women who are set as marriage candidates for the alien crown prince. Instead, he finds himself tricked into marrying that prince himself- all arranged by his own father.

Knowing that a real chance of peace is stake and the Phy’vohranian forces could easily blow Earth into meteor dust, he accepts his fate- including body alteration to have babies.

On his way to his new home, he comes to rethink his opinion on the alien race. But when he finally meets the strangely handsome yet serious and grumpy Prince Sartak, he has no idea how to get along with that man.

The wedding night’s a disaster but leaves Kellan pregnant, and conversation with the prince seems to be impossible since the man replies only in sentences not longer than a few words.


Sartak knows he is not good with words and meeting the beautiful ambassador, to whom he feels an undeniable pull, is not helping with it. Trying to mend the things he has already broken in their relationship, he just doesn’t need the threat of another war.

As they forge a fragile bond of love, their unknown enemies try to tear them apart. They must learn who to trust and be able to rely on each other, or else their new found love cannot survive the hell descending upon them.

Second Chances

Alliance Book Two

His father’s betrayal one year ago still lingers in their minds.

Kellan is haunted by nightmares when he closes his eyes and Sartak has no idea that they are not only about the baby Kellan has lost.

There are also amendments to make on Voxus and the decennial Tournament of Stars is a welcome reason to do so.


Verxas and Kellan have a past- one that includes betrayal and dark secrets. But Verxas has already forgiven Kellan; especially after he learns that the ambassador is now married to his crown prince and has named his firstborn after him.

Well…and Kellan introducing him to Harok isn’t a bad thing either.

So when accidents that aren’t accidents at all happen during the Tournament, Verxas helps them investigate- together with the handsome but mysterious Harok.


Harok has a rather broken secret marriage behind him that left him wary when it comes to new relationships. He has, even more, secrets, not even his kmeri Jarvan knows about. He’s afraid of giving his heart, so Harok tries to fight his affection for Verxas even though his heart believes they belong together. Too bad there is also a very charming Pirate King who is very good at turning his head. Now Harok struggles between two men, and it doesn’t seem to matter that he had sworn off relationships long ago.

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Rogue Heart

Alliance Book Three

Yet to be revealed...

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