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The Alliance Series
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal


The Golden Heart

Alliance Book One

Halloween und so...

Shadowbane und Howl 1

(German Edition)

Second Chances

Alliance Book Two

Halloween and stuff...

Shadowbane and Howl

(English Edition)

Rogue Heart

Alliance Book Three


I loved the story. I can't wait for the next one to come out and for everyone's stories to be told. It made me cry and laugh out loud which is probably one of the best compliments I could give an author.

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The Golden Heart

I would like to say that I found this book to be one of the best reads I've had in 2016 and I have over 200 books under my belt this year. The world and characters Ms. Hunter has created is so well done, thought out, planned and executed I am astounded.

A fantastic first book and enough reason for me to keep taps on J. Hunter starting now.

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The Golden Heart

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The Golden Heart



When Jessamyne was young her Grandpa used to read to her whenever she visited.
He introduced her to the science-fiction world of Perry Rhodan, German fairytales, greek mythology and the wild west described in Karl May's books.
While everyone else in school went to kid's dancing classes, Jessy bought books and often read them in one day. She loved to travel the


different worlds and imagining being in dream-like places with friends from another world.

Before going to bed she would spin fantasical worlds and stories in her head that accompanied her in her dreams.

Soon she realized that she had to write those stories down.

Her first published novel "The Golden Heart- Alliance Book One" was written to accomplish a challenge given to her by a friend.





Shadowbane and Wolf 1



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